Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tiger Moms and Panda Dads

Unless you live under a rock, you saw something about Amy Chau, The Tiger Mom, and her book about her parenting skills.  She has caused quite a stir, gotten much backlash and more than a few supporters.  Her initial Wall Street Journal editorial ( may have overstated a few things and her book has received more balanced coverage ( ,,8599,2043313,00.html).  But I think the best response was this… from a Panda Dad.  Sure it is funny, but there is an important point.  We need to consider what sort of children we wish to raise.  Do we want them to be independent, creative, free thinkers who may or may not end up in charge and wealthy?  Do we want them to ace every test and accept nothing less than first place?  What is the role of happiness and quality of life?    

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