Friday, February 18, 2011

Teacher Education

A few years ago I started getting very interested in teacher preparation.  How do we prepare a young person to step into a classroom and be a teacher?  How do we help them be the best teacher they can possibly be from day one?  Their students don’t have ten years to let them develop into Master Teachers, so what can we do to make sure a rookie teacher is truly ready to go?  Can teacher education program really do it?  What is a school or district’s role in the process?  Once hired how do professional development programs support and develop excellent teaching?  For the good of our students we have to figure these things out.  I’m not sure the system as we have it is working very well.  We lose too many young teachers in their first few years.  We don’t even get too many capable and passionate young people to even give it a try.  In the last couple years these three articles inspired some deep thinking on the subject…

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