Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer time and time to evaluate

Writing a blog about education is an interesting endeavor.  The job of teaching swallows us whole and robs us of the time it takes to write reflectively.  Then summer comes, and we just want to escape school completely.  Yet, it is with some distance, some perspective that we can most clearly critique what we do.  Summer is the ideal time for all educators to stop and think, reflect and question.  So while I am scoring AP exams with 1000 colleagues and discussing the challenges of the job think about this.... and ask yourself, why do we teach the way we do?  Who are we serving?  Could we change how we do things and serve a broader audience?  Could we reach more students?  Could we have more meaningful classes for a wider range of students?  But do your best to think about these things while sitting on a beach somewhere.  You earned it! 

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