Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Make It Personal

I have been saying for years that learning is maximized when the content touches students personally.  I acknowledge that this can be difficult in some subjects.  But therein lies the art of the teacher.  Furthermore, in my work on the achievement gap I regulalry point out that what we need to find are the strategies that lift achievement for all while accelerating the achievement of those measured below average.  Strategies that simply lift all perpetuate the same gap we have.  So how do we accelerate some, but lift all?  That is the key to closing gaps.  The National Science Foundation released this finding this week....

This isn't a new finding for those who have been searching for such solutions, but it is stated in a succinct fashion.  Bottom line...teachers, ask your students to write about themselves, their life, their values.  Get to know them and let them share themselves.  Make them a vital part of instruction.  

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